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will this screen fit?

will IF150-001 fit on an iBook g4 1064 mhz machine?

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That's the complete assembly from a G3 iBook which won't fit. The LCD inside it 'should fit', but those early translucent G3 iBooks used an IBM screen which isn't as bright as the Samsungs used in the later G3 & G4 iBooks.

You want either IF183-026 which is the complete assembly, or IF150-052 which is just the LCD panel. Despite what instincts may tell you, fitting just the LCD panel, is a lot easier than replacing the whole top assembly.

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The 12" LCD panel itself can be swapped between these Mac models:

- iBook G3 12"

- iBook G4 12"

- PowerBook G4 12"

Display assembly (plastics and cables) are often different and may not fit.

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