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Lanzado en julio de 2018, el MacBook Pro de 15", modelo A1990, presenta una pantalla de retroiluminación LED de 15.4 pulgadas con tecnología True Tone, TouchID y hasta 6 procesadores Core i9.

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The power button doesn't work cause of water

What to do? I live in a country where there are no official Apple service centers. There are only authorized centers, but their reputation is not the best.

Water got into the connection between the MacBook Pro screen and the keyboard. I dried the laptop, and it's working again, but the power button stopped functioning, while TOUCH ID still works. After closing the lid and shutting down, the MacBook doesn't respond to pressing the power button. To turn it on, I need to plug in the charger. Additionally, the MacBook doesn't wake up quickly from sleep mode; it goes through a full startup process as if it were restarted instead of quick wake-up. Furthermore, the MacBook now shows the "in need of service" notification on the battery bar.

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MacBook are very difficult to repair, and the extent of the water damage is unknown. It's possible just the contacts on the power button, or area around the power button has become corroded in which case you could attempt a repair using the existing guides for this model to get access to that area of the board, and then using electronics cleaner on the power button contacts.

For the startup issues I might recommend an SMC or NVRAM reset, but I don't either of those are possible without a functional power button.

I would recommend either using it as is, since it sounds like it still serves its purpose as a laptop, or take it to a professional laptop repair tech.

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