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28 Inch Top-Load Washer with 4.8 cu. ft. Capacity, 13 Wash Cycles, 4 Temperature Settings, PowerWash System SmoothClose Glass Lid

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Maytag Centennial Model - MVWC425BW1 agitation issues

Ive replaced the splutch, hub and shifter and still get the same problem. It's like it won't agitate at the high setting but it will spin in high. What should I do next? I actually have a Maytag Centennial Model - MVWC425BW1 but it wasn't an option for me

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Hi @jjfunkyfresh

Here's the tech sheet for the washer.

Run the Service Diagnostic Test Modes as described on p.2 and check if any error codes are being displayed.

There's a Fault/Error Code Display Method chart on p.3 that shows how to interpret the error code (if any).

If there are any error codes being displayed see p.6-p.7 to view what the code means and what to check.

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I have the service manual, ran diagnostics, and had a F7E6 code but I unplugged it for awhile, ran diagnostics again and then no error codes appeared. Encouraging, but the wash/agitate cycle still is not right....

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Did you perform the Gentle or Heavy Agitation test under Manual Test Mode as seen on p.9?

if one of these fail you may have to do the electrical tests for the motor as described by Tests #3a and #3b drive system - motor.

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Honestly, I'm hoping it is electrical and not something worse. Also, any tips about the suspension cables. When running diagnostics, I noticed the basket was out of balance while empty.

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I ran out of time yesterday before I could do the gentle/heavy agitate tests

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Perhaps check if the rod supports are all OK - seen here with the rods. They may be worn and loose.

If they're faulty part #17 is W10560146 and #18 is W10256551although when searching for either part using the part number it seems that you get both anyway, regardless of which part number you look for.

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