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Where is the thermostat? Samsung rsh5sbrs1.

i have discovered thast my freezer thermostat must be faulty and will likely ned replacing but i cant find it anywhere. i have looked but cant see where it might be.

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Hi @queso80563

They're not making it easy.

Looking at the freezer section parts diagram, as best that I can make out, there appears to be 2 sensors (or possibly 3?) in the freezer compartment

They are part numbers A11-2 and A12-1 ( and possibly one in A10 but it is not numbered but looks similar to the other two)

A11-2 would be the defrost temperature sensor as it is near the evaporator unit in the freezer, so I think that A12-1 is the temperature sensor that you need.

The big problem is that all the parts suppliers I checked use the same parts diagram as linked above and when looking for the part numbers or even "sensor" they all only show all of the sensors that are used in the refrigerator, both freezer and refrigerator and not which one goes where.

One way that you may identify the correct one, once you find the sensor in the freezer, is to measure the length of the cable that it is attached to, as they are all of different lengths.

You could then ring a parts suppliers and confirm that it is the one you need.

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