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Left Joy-Con won't stay attached, even after replacing latch

A month ago ish, i dropped my switch such that the right joy con's buckle latch broke and the joy con went flying to the middle of the room. I ordered the metal replacement latches from iFixit, and due to EU complications they arrived yesterday. When I was going to replace them, i noticed the left joy con felt loose too. After replacing the latches, my right joy con is very snug and feels better than when it was new, but now my left joy con still doesn't fit properly, it's even worse than before.

My left joy con, with a newly replaced latch (which was never broken on that joy con), fits worse than the right joy con after i dropped my switch and broke its latch. I have not over-tightened the bracket above the latch (which would explain it being stuck in the open position), and i do have the spring in its proper place (which again, would explain why it doesn't lock). I also noticed the latches are asymmetrical, and i made sure to align them with the correct joy con based on how my old ones looked.

Through various testing by tightening/loosening screws and removing parts, I've figured that the problem is the release button pushing down on the latch, even in its fully depressed position, such that the latch is permanently in its "open" position. Nothing is forcing the release button down, and it is installed with the tab in the correct orientation. When I reassemble the joy con without the release button at all, then it attaches to my switch perfectly just as snug as my right joy con (and i can stick my screwdriver in or something to release the lock).

I also figured out that if i attach the back panel to the rail with a loose screw on purpose (so as to not push the release button into the latch already), and don't attach it at all to the rest of the joy con, then the rail locks in place, but as soon as I press the back panel down properly, it's as if i pressed the release button and the joy con comes off easily.

I can't figure out how to solve this other than removing the release button, which is an unacceptable solution to me.

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This is a matter of tolerances and torquing. There's a slight possibility of the lock being slightly larger in one dimension or another, which would cause issues with its motion in the assembly. You say you've made sure not to overtighten the screw above the latch, but I'd suggest loosening it a little further and seeing if that gets you normal results.

If not, I would suggest using your old latch.

Because you have no alternative metal lock, it's hard to test and confirm that it's the source of the issue, but confirming that your original lock still works should be reasonable assurance that it's not related to your Joy-Con itself.

If your old latch is still in good condition and doesn't result in functional oddity, you'd likely be better off sticking to that until you need a replacement for the left side. At that point, you might consider purchasing another set. Alternatively, you might consider exchanging the set you've purchased if your warranty is still available and the pursuit is worth the effort and cost to you.

Hope this helps.

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Well I can say you are not the only one. However I found a solution. I have been experiencing the SAME exact problems myself, and it has been driving me crazy. Short and sweet. The outside screw closest to the "ZL" trigger when buttoning up the shell is the screw you have to back out 1/8 of a turn after bottoming out. Once you tighten it back up again you'll notice it adds just enough pressure to not lock the joycon in place. I hope this helps anyone else in the future!

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