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Hot water keeps flowing when the power is ON

Hi, I have a Samsung washer WF45T6000AW that keeps filling with hot water when the power is ON. For example: I run a cycle and the hot water will keep flowing. When I pause the cycle, the hot water still keeps flowing. When I turn off the washer from console the water still keeps flowing. Only when I unplug the washer from the socket is when the hot water stops. Please note that the issue is only with HOT water and not cold. I am able to using the washer normally on cold cycles.

I suspected that the hot water inlet valve was an issue - so I replaced it with a aftermarket part which didn't work so I thought I need the OEM. I installed the OEM but the issue is not resolved. Seems like some other issue.

Your help and inputs would be highly appreciated.

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Hi @dogsbestfriend

It may be a problem with the main control board.

Here's the service manual for a Samsung WF45T6200AW that may help.

I realize that it is not the same model number but hopefully there won't to be much difference with the wiring set up for the valves.

On p.36 is the wiring diagram.

If you have a DMM (digital multimeter) check if there's power on the hot water valve as soon as the power is connected to the machine. If there is, check pin 3 of connector 10P on the control board.

If it is also there, disconnect the power from the machine and unplug the harness cable from that connector only, reconnect power to the machine and check for power on pin 3 of connector 10P on the board.

If it's there the problem is in the board (faulty hot water relay?). If not then check if it is on pin 3 of the harness cable that plugs into the board. If it's there it's a problem in the wiring somewhere.

Be safety aware as you're testing for lethal voltage, as the valve operates at 120V AC

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Also, look for the small black squares on the control board. These are relays. You could try tapping them (tapping, not beating on!) To see if it gets the water valve to close when it should be closed. Sometimes the contacts in relays fuse so that it stays closed. Tapping might get it to release. Please bear in mind though this is a temporary fix if it works. The board with the relays will need replaced. The fact that only when plugged in does the water flow tells me that the relay is stuck closed.

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If the relay contacts are sticking you may be able to replace the relay as long as its type number is shown on the case of the relay, so that you can locate the correct replacement.

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@jayeff this is also true! Though most likely it is part of the board. If you're good at soldering on boards then absolutely! I know my limits though... I'd have to replace the board...

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Soldering is a learned skill like everything else.

It may be an advantage for you to learn how to do it. It doesn't take long ;-)

Always handy to have an extra skill in your repertoire.


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