spin cycle only works on 2nd rinse cycle

Why does my kenmore washer only spin on the 2nd rinse cycle? You can hear the motor running in the regualr cycles but it wont sping. The clothes are still soaking wet, but when i switch it over to 2nd rinse, it will then rinse the clothes again and then spin the clothes. Why is that? Whats going on?

Thank you for the help

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Hi @koreyjj,

What is the model number of the washer?

Does it do this on all wash types cycles e.g. heavy load, delicates etc

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Its a Kenmore Elite “total care system” top loading washer

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Ive tried 3 settings and it seems to do it on all three that Ive tried.

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The model number would really help as not all washers operate the same way.

If it is a front loader then you will find the model and serial number printed on an identification plate located inside the washer door.

if it is a top loader the label can often be found on the frame under the lid on the top, the back of the control panel or on the side of the main cabinet near the bottom.

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