Drains but does not spin after wash/rinse agitation cycles

I have a Kenmore Model 110.91250100 direct drive washer (no belt). The washer will agitate just fine, always. In NORMAL wash mode, after agitation (in both wash and rinse cycles), the unit will commence draining, but will not kick into spin cycle. It will start spinning after I cycle (push in/pull out) the timer control knob. It will also start spinning all by itself at other demanded times after the initial spin is initiated by cycling the control knob. What I have done thus far:

1) It is not the lid switch, as I have replaced it, and also have it shorted for testing.

2) I replaced the motor/transmission coupling. It is fine.

3) I replaced the clutch assembly, with the correct spring. It is correctly oriented.

4) I replaced the entire brake/basket drive assembly, with the correct spring.

5) I replaced the start capacitor.

6) There is no drain blockage.

7) There are no dimes under the agitator.

8) I have had this machine torn down to parade rest and cleaned EVERYTHING in an attempt to find this problem.

So, what is it? Bad motor? Timer control knob? Bad board? Remember, the machine easily starts spinning after I push in/pull out the timer control knob while it is sitting there draining/humming/not spinning. So the motor is turning, but the basket is not being engaged until I cycle the control knob.

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