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Getting an Lc error message on my Whirlpool model WED75HEPWO dryer

I am getting an Lc error message on my dryer Whirlpool model WED75HEPWO. I have tried all the settings, cleaned the lint filter and deeper with a brush, unplugged it for about 15 minut3s and still no response. The dryer is 7 years old and barely been used. I live alone and only do 1 or 2 loads every other week, normally removing the clothes after only 10 to 15 minutes od dry time to hang on a line or hangers. Can you help me?

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Hi @pauletteharris

An Lc error code indicates that the control panel has been locked preventing any accidental change of preferences during a drying cycle

Sometimes this can occur if there's been a power failure.

Press and hold the Control Lock button for 3 seconds to unlock the control panel. (to lock the Control panel, press and hold the Control lock button for 3 seconds and the display should count 3-2-1 and then Lc should be displayed)

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