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internal speakers won't turn on

MacBook Pro 17 A1261

I use an amplifier to listen to iTunes, but recently I discovered that my internal speakers were off, being grey on the finder. Opened System preferences to see that internal speakers were no more identified there instead were Soundflower 2ch and 16 ch. So I uninstalled Soundflower but that did not solved my problem. Also I noticed that bringing my headphone jack closer to the unit gave me a red light coming out of the output jack.

After researching on Apple forum, someone suggested that MacBookPro's had internal switch for headphones and the switch was stucked turned off. One way to turn it back on was to use a toothpick and try to touch it and turn it back on. That worked allright except that every now and then the problem comes back again. Now to my question. Does anyone know how to replace that switch ? Is it difficult ?

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As you can see here the audio port is integrated into the logic board. This problem will probably persist as long as you are plugging an external speaker in and out. Just use the toohpick trick to turn the switch off: MacBook Pro 17" (Model A1261) 2.5 GHz Logic Board

Imagen de MacBook Pro 17" (Model A1261) 2.5 GHz Logic Board


MacBook Pro 17" (Model A1261) 2.5 GHz Logic Board


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What your seeing is the Red LED light in the optical link part of the socket (dual analog & digital), so it does sound like the switch in the socket is stuck.

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