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Why is my laptop still running at 90c with 30% CPU?

I've had this MSI GL65 Leopard 10SFK-062 for 3 years. After a year I started looking at the thermals (didn't know much about laptops before this) and noticed that it would run incredibly hot even at very low usage (one twitch tab open) so I applied new Corsair TM30 thermal paste and cleaned the fans. This lowered temps by about 5c

I am in college now and use this laptop to stream my Smash Melee club's tournaments (OBS + dolphin at lowest settings) and it regularly stays in the 80-95 range with less than 50% usage.

I've since tried undervolting, reinstalling windows, many many malware checks, and still hit dangerous levels while doing almost nothing.

I need this laptop for it's portability and am worried about it dying, anything else I could try?

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Hi @24578,

How much memory is installed in the laptop?

Streaming video (I assume that this is what you're doing) requires a lot of resources so maybe this is why the hardware is running hot.

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It's 16gb of ram, RTX2070, i7

it's not limited to OBS, I've hit 90 just with a twitch tab open

thank you though!

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if your laptop is still running at 90°C with only 30% CPU usage, it could be due to issues with the cooling system, background processes, or hardware problems.

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Check in Task Manager > Startup to see how many programs are being loaded on startup.

A lot are necessary for correct operation but there's also a lot that aren't.

When installing 3rd party programs many are designed to pre-load on startup so as to reduce their opening time when you use them, but if you don't use them that often they just sit there using up resources unnecessarily.

If there are a lot, Google their names to find out what they do but if they're not really necessary or if you don't use them that often, simply disable them in Startup

Right click on the program(s) and select disable. You then need to restart the laptop for it to come into effect.

Disabling them doesn't affect their operation. It simply means that they take just a bit longer to load and start when you go to use them

If doing this creates problems simply re-enable them the same way as they were disabled.

Do not do too many at once because if there are problems you won't know which program is the cause and needs to be enabled.

To get to Task Manager, press the Win Key + x key (both together) and click on the link.

Not sure with Win 11 but in Win 10 you can also right click on the Taskbar and click on the link

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Well this video might be helpful for you:

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