Replaced Front panel and now home button won't work and ideas?

I just got my spare parts in the mail (dock connector, front panel) and went to work replacing the front panel (with home button built in. First, when trying to transfer my LCD the top screw on the small metal prong wasn't long enough to actually bite the threads on the frame. It worked fine in the old one after checking, but not in the new panel.

So I said 'screw it' lol and put it in sans screw. (even in old panel with screw same problem came up)

Second, once I had the screen back into the new panel, less one screw, and the dock connector replaced and the ribbons and connectors all back together, I turned on the phone and it booted up, Joy! Then I tried the home button to close an app... and nothing.

Ive checked and rechecked the prongs as other questions have suggested and I've tried to make a connection between the prongs and the connectors on the dock connector more likely to happen. Just don't know...

bad dock connector? Bad front panel home button?

Tried restoring software...


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