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Auto power on, when connect my MagSafe.

Hi there. I have a problem. I cleaned my MBP, fans and heatsink, and when I cleaned, I got off the logic board. The little battery I disconnected to. After this, I reassebled all, and power on my MBP. Everything was ok. But now if I connect the magsafe, and my MBP is powered off, will auto power. The question is why he do that? And my led of the open/close lid, do nothing.

I tried with baterry off, and then won`t auto power. My battery, works ok, has 93 cycles, and the condition is normal, and is charging.

So, what seems to be the problem?


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i have a very, very similar issue with my late 2008 macbook pro 5,1. when i connect charger it boots up. when i shut it down, it boots up immediately. when i do a pram reset, it can stay shut once. and i cannot send it to sleep. safesleep is not working, neither full hybernate (pmset hybernatemode 25) because it reboots automatically after sleep.

it all began a couple of years ago, after the last firmware upgrade. IIRC that firmware update was the one which made the DVD drive mute at boot and wake.

i tried every osx version since leopard. same symptoms, so in my case it's hardware related, more specifically firmware related.

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When you say that opening and closing you MacBook Pro "does nothing," what do you mean? It won't sleep if you close it?

First of all, you should do a PRAM reset. If that doesn't solve it, you should do an SMU reset.

If that doesn't solve it, then you gotta do some investigating.

I would just go in and double-check your assembly job. When stuff like this happens to me, I just go back through it and try to restore it to the way it was before I went inside. It could be any number of things that's causing your MacBook Pro to behave irrationally.

Just start off by isolating the parts. You found that the battery isn't the case, so now detach another part and plug in the MagSafe. When your MacBook Pro stops powering on after the MagSafe is plugged in, you'll know that it was that last component that you disconnected.

I myself am very curious as to why this is happening, so please try these few things and update us on what's going on. I wouldn't be surprised if some EMI framework (or something like it) is shorting the MacBook Pro out somewhere. Some shorting is going on. There's little doubt about that.

Good luck!

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It`s sleeps ok. The problem is with that LED. I do it a pram reset, with no battery and 1- seconds procedure. The funny thing is after I do that, and attach my MS, won`t start, my LED is still do nothing, but after i shutdown once, and disconect and reconnect my MS, auto power again. If you understand me.

If it was a short, i think if auto power on, the same short will do the auto power off. Maybe when i disconnect the PRAM battery, some settings screw up!

- de

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Hi there, I have the same problem with my macbook pro 8.1. When the laptop it's off and I connect the MagSafe it switch on automatically.

There is also another problem related. The battery is not charging. So to have the laptop ON I need always the MS connected, and the MS led light its permanently green, and the message next to the battery sign is "Not charging". When I disconnect the MS, the laptop turns off instantly.

To fix this second problem I tried to: that I found here in this successful video I found in Youtube.

That are the instructions of the video to be followed in this specific order:

"Power down > Take off the battery > Take off the MS > Hold on for 5 seconds. Then when you put it back together you first: Put the MS connector on > Wait a few seconds till it goes Green > Put the battery in > Wait a few seconds > Turn it on: Fixed my problem."

Everything ok, but in the penultimate step "Connect the MS > Wait 5 sec > Turn on" I cannot do it because the laptop turns automatically on after the MS connection step. So its not possible to do it because it switch on before the 5 sec. necessary to wait for before to Turn it on.

I tried with another good MagSafe but it happens the same. And there is this video with lots of comments of people that had success doing that, so I think it must be related with the programmed obsolescence. Then the parts are working good, and must be a strategic solution to fix it. The solution of the video its good, but for that I need to fix the "Auto power on, when connect my MagSafe" problem.

So which can be the way to find a solution for this?


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did you managed to solve it? I have the same problem

- de

Yes, did you find a fix? Please let us know. I have the exact same problem. Even bought a new battery, replaced my keyboard, but nothing changed with the Auto power on, when connect my MagSafe.

- de

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Hey guys, I’m having the same issue and I came across this - - Unfortunately *I* can’t test it because I wiped out OS X and put Linux on it without having a way to restore OS X. But you guys (if you’re still checking this) can give it a shot and let me know if it works!

Update (11/06/2018)

Got a spare USB drive with an OS X installer on it today! Installed OS X, ran the terminal command, and problem solved! Confirmed working!

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