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Announced March 10, 2021 Released April 26, 2021 Android 11, up-gradable to Android 12, ROG UI

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Why isn't the Asus ROG Phone 5 detecting the sim card anymore?

After using my phone, I climbed into my car where the ROG 5 phone fell from my pocket and was hit by the door as I was closing the door. Then it hit the ground and I immediately picked it up only to be greeted ny "no sim detected."

I've removed and replaced the sim card and even cleaned the contacts. I tried each of the reset options but nothing works. It's currently in a repair shop (fingers crossed and/or palms pressed together) but considering they and another shop didn't have parts, I'm skeptical of expecting anything.

I just want to know if anyone else has any experience with this issue and if you could offer some helpful advice, beyond "get another phone." lol. But seriously.

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Got solution for sim issue?

Yesterday I dropped my phone. Sim port 1 not working after that.. but sim 2 works fine

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There are two ribbons that disconnect easy from dropping your phone. The Sub Low Board (DaughterBoard) the holds your sim, air triggers and lower speaker there are many more ribbons that connect to this board but one ribbon is your issue. Have a acetone and silicone glue plus the ifixit suction cups and plastic picks to remove the back glass. Carefully lift back glass to one side of the phone to not rip the back light ribbon. And with a small flat tool plastic I prefer click the middle one or two ribbons that right easily noticeable on the lower sub board. Careful as this board can flex when reconnecting the ribbon. The are two lower sub back the front lower board and back lower board. It's the back lower board we want.

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For the acetone I got a flex plastic needle to loosen the adhesive around the back glass. Carefully only adding small amounts on the back glass seam of the phone. And using the suction cup to slightly lift the glass to place a pick and continue around the whole back glass until it loosen. But never lift the glass open as there is a ribbon connecting your back light. So open your phone like a book. Enough just to give you room to reconnect the ribbon/s.

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Awesome info...have similar experience/problem.

This is the first description/solution I've seen. My lower speaker is intermitten (along with no SIM) so this ribbon connection solution makes me hopeful.

Hope to post positive results

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It happened with me as well.. my air trigger and sim was stopped working .. .. give it to asus service center, they ll fix it. It's a minor issue.

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