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Find repair and more information about the Whirlpool GB2SHDXP* refrigerator—a bottom-freezer model with both drawer and door access, automatic defrost feature and an anti-sweat heater switch. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern GB2SHDXP*.

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Is there a way to find my program code?

I know this sounds silly, but I'm hoping someone on the web can help me find the program code for my refrigerator. I have a Whirpool GB2SHDXPQ. Recently had an issue with it warming up. An appliance service guy came out and replaced the Control Board, but when he went to program it, he said "Oh, there's no sticker in this fridge...that's where I'm supposed to get the code".

I called Whirlpool, and they said this fridge is a million years old and have NOTHING on it. I tried searching the web to no avail. So I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who would be familiar with this model or even own this same fridge and could provide me with the code.

The appliance guy gave it a 'guess' and entered 12, and the fridge is running, compressor is running, but now I have to wait and see if the coils frost up and the fridge gets warm all over again. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Hi @kingfresh

What is the full model number of the refrigerator, as there are 4 model variants and 3 of them have different tech sheets?

The tech sheet part numbers are as follows for models:

GB2SHDXPQ00 - 8208240

GB2SHDXPQ01 - 8208183

GB2SHDXPQ02 - W10165418

GB2SHDXPQ12 - W10165418

On p.3 of the tech sheet for the -01 model (the only one I could find) it shows how to enter the programming mode and to check what program code has been entered. Service mode also allows you to manually test if all the functions are working

No doubt yours will show 12 as this is what the service man has entered but was wondering if the 25 as shown as an example in the sheet was just an example or whether it was indicative of what it should be for this model.

It may be prudent however to leave it as is and let it run for a few days and check that everything seems to be OK and rely on the service man's judgement before altering anything.

I realize that it was said that "....there's no sticker in this fridge...." but if there is a Whirlpool refrigerator Model/Serial number sticker anywhere on the refrigerator, then the program code should be shown at the bottom of the sticker.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Thanks for responding @jayeff! So there was only one label/sticker with barcodes and text on this unit which is where I grabbed that model number and it only reads GB2SHDXPQ, with no additional characters.

Beneath that is another bar code with an accompanying Serial No. When I gave the serial to the Whirlpool I spoke with, she read the model number back to me as it was written on the label. She did however, tell me that it was manufactured in 2006 - I don't know if that's of any help.

Now here's where you may be on to something: below the serial is another little barcode with the "11" typed below it. Could that be the code? According to the diagram the appliance guy showed me of what the sticker in the fridge should look like, it seems to be about positioned in the same place where I'd expect to see "CODE". What do you think? Worth a shot?

The appliance guy blew me off when I suggested that number cause, well, what do I know?! But he for sure said he was just guessing. So let me know what you think :)

- de


I don't know.

It seems strange that the little barcode label doesn't match anything I could find about where the code should be and how to identify it, but then again I couldn't find any info on the model you posted, only on refrigerators that had the numbers I posted above. Although I suppose given the label above it is the serial number of the refrigerator unit perhaps it is showing the program code 11. Maybe take a photo of the little barcode showing 11 and send it to Whirlpool and ask if they can scan/read it to find out what it means ;-)

Given that there are 3 different tech sheets to me it might be that even though they have similar model numbers (except the last 2 digits) they must be different enough to warrant different tech sheets which might mean that whilst very similar they might have different "features", although all the models I listed above use the same control board so whatever their differences then it may be that the code specific to the model is used to make their "specific" features operative i.e. feature that only they have but the other models don't etc.

I know Fisher and Paykal did this with their AquaSmart washers. Same control board used for 3 different model variations but you needed the correct code for the specific model to ensure that you got all the features offered by the model as they didn't share all the same features or options

It's a gamble I suppose. If it appears to be working OK i.e. correct temps maintained in compartments, defrost cycle working OK - no ice build up affecting temps, features working OK - ice (cubed & crushed - I don't know if yours has this option or not), water dispenser OK, no strange noises which weren't there previously etc then leave well enough alone.

If you notice something isn't quite right or not working at all then perhaps try code 11. They don't put info on labels or even put on extra labels for no reason and it's in the right place even if it isn't marked as it should be.

But maybe I'm like you, "What do I know". Cheers

- de

@jayeff - thanks for responding, again. I haven't thought about sending a pic of the label to whirlpool. Maybe I'll do that.

I haven't fiddled with anything yet, but you're right, it is a gamble. So far I think everything is working the way it should. I think.

I do have one quick question though - the whole reason the appliance guy did the work was because the fridge was warming up, in which he determined it to be the control board. One thing he did do was blow dry the coils to melt the ice buildup I guess. I never actually got a good look, but at this point it's been 48 hours with the guessed code of 12 and it seems to be all good. One thing he said was, just wait a couple days and if you see ice building up then we have a problem... I just took this pic of the freezer...would you say it's looking like I'm heading for trouble or does it appear okay?

Am I allowed to share external links? Well, here it is:

All in all, thank you for the help you've lent. I do appreciate it.

- de


There's really not much ice to see in your image.

To view the ice build up on the evaporator unit you need to remove the panel as the evap unit is behind that.

Usually defrost cycles occur twice daily (approx every 8-10 hours) so there isn't ever (or shouldn't be) much ice build up on the evap unit. Sometimes there's more if it is humid and the doors have been opened a lot of times allowing more warmer air to enter and some of it condenses and freezes on the evap unit.

You can usually tell when there's too much because eventually the evap fan (which is near the evap unit) gets iced up and stops so no cold air is blown into the refrigerator compartment and it warms up whereas the freezer compartment will stay cold because that's where the evap unit is - like a big ice block in effect.

You can test the functions of the refrigerator It's all described in the tech sheet I linked.

Also you can easily add images to your question in ifixit here's how Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente - but you can't add images to a comment.


- de


thanks for the time you've taken to respond to me. 4 days since the control board replacement and I think we're still doing good.

I reached out to Whirpool and asked specifically about the label and what that particular barcode with it's associated number represented. They shut me down pretty quickly that they don't have information for that unit lol. So we'll just have to sit and wait and see what happens.

Thanks again for your time! :)

- de

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