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Prendas de abrigo marca Patagonia que te mantienen caliente en los días frescos y seco en los días húmedos. La dificultad de reparación varía desde un simple parche hasta una reparación más complicada.

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Repair Snap Buttons on my Synchilla Snap-T Pull over.


I have two Synchilla Snap-T pullovers, one that is over 25 years old (lightweight version) and still going good. The other is about 15-20 years and also not ready to be recycled. But, both have snaps that no longer hold as they should. Does Patagonia make repair kits for this problem or must they be sent to some place special to be repaired?

I live in France and these items were bought here.

Thank you for your help.

M. SHIDNER Spencer

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Hi @spencer75769 , I'm not sure if a repair kit exists specifically for this jacket, but here is Patagonia's returns, repairs, and exchanges page where you can ask about it.

Hope this helps in keeping your jackets around for even longer :)

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Thanks for the advice. I've already been to the Patagonia's site and not much advice on repairing the snaps. Going to check if they can recommend a local to do the repair. I live in Paris, France and there must be someone who can do this type of repair. Sending the pullovers back to Patagonia isn't to me a very "Carbon Neutral" Option, not counting the cost of freight.

- de

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