Moving trackpad from old keyboard/case shell to new one

Good Morning,

I have an MSI GP65 Leopard laptop where the top part of the casing (where the keyboard is) has cracked. I have contacted MSI and they have shipped a new case portion, which includes the keyboard but not the trackpad.

On stripping down the laptop, the trackpad does not seem to be obviously removable from the casing. Looking at spare parts online, it seems from the M3 label backing that I suspect it is securing in with adhesive.

My question is if it is safe to use something like iFIxIt's iOpener to remove the trackpad from the case (and then how to reattach it to the new case); or is it best just to order a new trackpad for this repair? As a bonus, if anyone has a link to where a trackpad secured with adhesive is replaced here that would be great (I have looked, but haven't been able to find one myself, only guides for MacBooks that don't seem to be glued on).

Thanks in advance,

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