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A1708 / EMC 2978 — Lanzada en Octubre 2016, este MacBook Pro de nivel básico retiene sus teclas tradicionales de función (en lugar del OLED Touch Bar). La versión con teclas de función incluye un Intel Core i5 y dos puertos Thunderbolt 3.

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Flexgate, cable broken to close to Screen?

Does anyone know if this cable is broken to close to the lcd screen to be fixed by cutting it and soldering on a replacement?

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Apple has an extended warranty program to fix this. I would first give that a try as the replacement display will have a slightly longer cable which addresses this issue.

While some imaginative repairs have been done to address this design flaw (including splicing a replacement cable) over the years they have also failed as the constant flexing also causes them to fail as the splice is too stiff! And to add to it these spliced wires can short out causing additional damage.

Reference The Design Flaw Behind MacBook Pro’s “Stage Light” Effect

Here’s the free Apple repair 13-inch MacBook Pro Display Backlight Service Program

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Thank you. I was unlucky to get this fault now, and not a couple of months ago. I contacted Apple about the service program, but I just missed the program.

“ The program covers eligible MacBook Pro models for 5 years after the first retail sale of the unit or 3 years from the start date of this program, whichever is longer.”

My Mac is a late 2016 model, and out of the program I was told.

The repair was estimatet to about $800. I was hoping to get a couple of more years out of it. That’s why I was thinking about getting help to splicing a replacement cable. But I was afraid it would be difficult if the breach is to close to the screen leaving to little space for the splice.

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@Kjetil Bjønnes - Yes, I feared you missed it. Even still I would just make a visit to an Apple Store with the system (give it a good clean first).

I would go in Tuesday morning as you’ll likely be put into a queue so have plenty of time. See if you can get an extension sometimes the techs will bend! I would express your desire for a new system but just can’t swing it yet (play the poor student angle if you can) with the plan to get a new system for the fall.

If you can’t bend them see if they can give you a better deal for a new system with an extra year or two of AppleCare. There is rumors of a 15” Air maybe aim for it in your dialog. Something which is just out of reach can sway things.

If you can get the part it’s not that difficult to replace saving a few Dollars/Euros. Here’s the guide Reemplazo del ensamblaje de pantalla de MacBook Pro 13" Function Keys de finales de 201

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@danj Thanks, I will give it a try, maybe they’ll see how unreasonable it is for me to have to pay that much for a repair when the machine is fully functional except for the faulty cable:).

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@Kjetil Bjønnes - Apple messed up! Sadly it’s too much work to open the display assembly to get to the other end of the cable without the risk of breaking the display. Even still you need good soldering skills and the durability of the system suffers as well.

If you’re set don’t forget to score and accept the answer, sorry I don’t have a better answer for you. Thanks!

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