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Why is my internet dropping every few minutes only on this device?

I couldn't find it in the list but I have an MSI GF63 Thin 9SC. This problem just started yesterday and I can't get it to stop. I'm using wifi. I have Norton 360 and I thought that may be causing the problem so I uninstalled it and the issue was still there. I flushed the DNS and that seemed to help but shortly after, it just went back to the disconnecting. When the problem first started, it seemed to be longer stretches of time where it was disconnected. It's just a few seconds now and then the page will reload. I can't figure out what the problem is but I have no updates available, the router is working just fine for everyone else, I have good internet speed, the internet is not down, and I'm not sure what to do.

I saw somewhere that a wifi network password that isn't "well-protected" may be vulnerable to people joining the network and clogging it. I will say that Norton keeps giving me an update to change my network password. But like I said, when I uninstalled Norton, I was still having the disconnecting issue (and no one else using the same wifi network is having this issue).

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Hi @kimberlyrenee

Try using the laptop as close as possible to your home network router i.e. <20cm and check if the internet connection remains stable and constant.

If it works OK there may be an antenna problem in the laptop.

Here's an image from a teardown video for the laptop showing the location of the WiFi card and the two antenna cables connected to the card. Check that both antennas are securely connected to the card (they just plug in) and are not loose or even disconnected.

Block Image

(click on image)

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I tried this and it didn't work, but thank you for trying!

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Try resetting the TCP/IP network stack and check if that resolves the problem

Try connecting to the router using an Ethernet cable and check if the speed and connection is OK etc.

This is just to eliminate whether it is a WiFi problem or a network problem in the laptop.

- de

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I have the exact same laptop and I used to have the same issue while gaming. Turns out the wifi module stops working when other components start drawing more power, almost instantly if you're on a 5GHz connection and lasting a bit longer on a 2.4GHz one. Nothing that I tried permanently fixed it so I just bought an external usb wifi antenna (TP Link Archer T4U) and stopped using the onboard wifi.

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