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I changed out the heating element thermostats and fuse and it still wo

Problem with my heating elements on my Whirlpool dual sport I changed out the heating element the thermostats and the fuse and it still won't get hot

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Hi, What is the model number of the dryer?

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Hi Homer, JerryW has a good idea, From there, I'd say the remaining issues from your description could be the Thermal Cutoff (Not the Thermal Fuse). This is a backup to the Hi-limit thermostat usually located on the heating element that is another non-resettable device. It will allow the dryer to spin up, unlike the thermal fuse which shuts down the motor in most cases. Failing that, you might check the centrifugal switch on the motor. It is another fail safe device that prevents the heating elements from coming on if the motor isn't spinning fast enough, or at all. Here is a link to a page about Whirlpool Dryers, and another one about Electric Dryers not heating in general. I am guessing that you have a Whirlpool Duet dryer (I suspect Dual Sport is something from voice to text), which may mean that you have a thermistor in place of a cycling thermostat. If you bought a new heating element, you might want to verify that it is properly connected. Hope this helps.

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Hi Homer,

You've checked to make sure you still have 240V at the outlet, right? If one leg has tripped, you'll still be getting 120V, which will power everything except the heating element.

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