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Repair guides and support for label makers manufactured by Dymo.

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Service manuals or information on older Dymo Labelers like 1500 series

I have an older 1500 series labeler - and it makes wonderfully retro labels, but lately it jams and gets stuck so the letters aren't spaced correctly.

This is an older embossing labeler - so I know its a bit odd to ask here :) - its kind of a mechanical marvel - but I'm having the worst time finding any service documentation for them.

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Reviewed sidebar questions? If you are mechanically inclined to disassembly and can figure things out, you may be able to determine if worn parts are the reason for jams and incorrect spacing.

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@notbroken Yeah I was able to pull it apart and kinda understand how it works and clean it up - it seems to be working better.

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I don't have a service manual but here's what my user manual says for my Dymo 1550. Maybe it'll help.

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I don't know if my attempt at adding an image worked

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Yes! That is very useful thank you!

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