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La cámara de apuntar y disparar Canon PowerShot ELPH 180 cuenta con un sensor de 20,0 megapíxeles.

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Why can't I find flash options?

I have been looking at manuals on how to find the flash settings on my camera. According to manuals on this model of camera, I am supposed to have four flash options: auto, on, off, long shutter. But when I click the flash button on camera I only have two options: auto flash or flash off. This makes it so that I can't record with the flash on which is really crucial to what I'm using it for! Does anyone know if it's just the model I have or if there is another place I can find the flash settings? Thank you

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@filmercanon you are in the right menu settings. I wonder if your software may need to be updated. See what your user manual says about the how to. If it is not in there we can probably find the information

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Thank you so much! I found out how to get the flash options (I had to be shooting on P Mode), but even when I turn the flash on, when I hit record the camera is still not recording with any flash. Any thoughts?

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