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Samsung wf448aaw/xaa 02 POWER INTERRUPTION ERROR

My Samsung model wf448aaw/xaa 02 was working fine but was having drain problems so I tipped the washer to get to hose at bottom then cleaned out filter. When I went to tip washer right side back up there was water and soap all on the side of the machine. When I plugged it back in I got a power interruption error code and said to restart cycle but the power and start button and screen doesn't light up on the other side. I took the panel off and wiped down cords and checked to see if water or soap got into control panel but no it all looked dry. I don't know what happened. Is this something I can fix? I tried resetting by holding power button and start button and plugged back in didn't work. Everything seems fine.

Any suggestions on why power button doesn't work or how to reset error code for power interruption?


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Here's the troubleshooting manual for the washer that may help..

Try clearing the eeprom and see if that resolves the problem - scroll down to bottom right of page for the procedure.

The possible causes for a power interruption error are seen on p.5.

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