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A1708 / EMC 2978 — Lanzada en Octubre 2016, este MacBook Pro de nivel básico retiene sus teclas tradicionales de función (en lugar del OLED Touch Bar). La versión con teclas de función incluye un Intel Core i5 y dos puertos Thunderbolt 3.

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Retrieving data from 2016 MacBook with bad Logic Board

I bought this 2016 MacBook Pro (pre-owned) back in 2018 for school. Last year I noticed that it would randomly shut down and reboot. I didn’t think anything of it then (big mistake) because it didn’t happen frequent enough for it to hinder any work I was doing, but one day it wouldn’t turn on. Doing a little research, I found that the connection of the battery may be the problem with the solution being reconnecting the battery cable. I took the MacBook to the Apple Store, explained the problem and the first solution the tech offered was to try and reconnect the battery and that when I found out it wasn’t the connection, but a bad logic board.

The cost of labor and the replacement logic board itself has me considering buying another computer than attempting to get it repaired. The only problem is I have work, files, photos, etc. that wasn’t backed up before the MacBook went out completely.

I recently saw a Hugh Jeffrey’s video on YouTube of him displaying their 2017 function key MacBook Pro (that needed a replacement display, keyboard and logic board) on an external monitor where they could access files and I wondering if that might be a way to access my files even though I don’t see signs of power displayed when I try and turn it on.

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated!

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Definitely plausible depending on the specific issue. I will also mention that this MacBook is one of the last to have removable storage. So if you have a friend or family member with a function keys Mac from 2016 or 2017, you can pop your drive into their machine and process a backup.

Depending on what the actual issue is, could be an easy fix. Or you may be able to get data even though it doesn't seem like it's powering on. I actually wrote a Guide about this exact sort of situation. And there is a page for further troubleshooting No Power issues, although it sounds like you've gotten that pretty well narrowed down.

If you determine the issue is in fact no power, there are still options. I would recommend taking the bottom off the MacBook and attaching some pictures of what the board looks like in your question. We might be able to see an obvious issue.

Imagen de MacBook Pro 13" Function Keys Late 2016 Caja inferior


Reemplazo de la caja inferior de la MacBook Pro de 13" Function Keys de finales de 2016



5 - 10 minutes

Imagen de Mac Laptop


How to Recover Data From a MacBook



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@flannelist Thank you so much! I did actually see a 2016 MacBook for under half the cost of what the repair would be which seems promising if I can’t retrieve the data any other way since I don’t know anyone with a 2016/17 MacBook Pro, but I will look at the guide you provided before I make any decisions. I’ll also have to order a toolkit with specific screwdrivers to open the mac up since I don’t have them on hand. Thanks again!

- de

Sadly, without access to a second 13” Fn MacBook Pro to put your system SSD into to salvage your data there is no other options.

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@danj It was a long shot, but I figured I would ask just in case there was a fix I was unaware of. I did see a 2016 Macbook FN for a price less than the labor and parts would be so worst come to worst that may be the way to go. I’ll look into the upgrade kit as well. Thank you for the suggestion!

- de

@thisisawkward - Sorry, it was a dead end☹️ The case is not compatible!

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@thisisawkward if all else fails and the data is the most important thing, it may be worth as asking at an independent repair shop local to you since they may keep a Mac around for this sort of situation to get data.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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