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Asus ROG 15'' ryzen-powered laptop released early 2021.

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Need detailed walkthrough of liquid metal re-paste of CPU

If any of you have owned this laptop, you would know cooling is not its strength, it could've been the best laptop you can buy, but the fact it gets 80-90 celsius, is very annoying, I've seen some videos on youtube, but never a video detailed enough on the disassembly process, and the application of liquid metal

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@andrewaa careful with Liquid Metal. It is electrical conductive so you do not want this to be anywhere else but on your mating surfaces. Also, make sure that your heatsink is compatible with the thermal paste. Aluminium heatsinks may not tolerate this.

This video looks like it will get you into the laptop and this one shows how to remove the heatsink.

This guide Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 Thermal Paste Replacement shows how to apply thermal paste but the steps are identical for the Liquid Metal. Yes, it's a different model, but same way to apply it.

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I would do a desktop as the CPU will sit level so the risk of the liquid metal leaking is remote. A laptop is just not wise!

You also have reactive effect with aluminum which many heatsink’s are made from.

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hello, thank you for your answer, the G15 does come with liquid metal installed from factory, if i had the choice of not re-applying liquid metal, trust me i wouldn't, i wouldn't even ask a question, applying just generic thermal paste is much much easier, but im very hesitant to go through with applying the liquid metal, due to the precision it takes

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@andrewaa - Liquid Metal doesn’t degrade like other TIMs. Why are you altering it?

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@danj did some research, and from what i've seen, the LM done from factory is pretty bad, and its a common issue with the G15, i will just be adding to it, literally all i need is the "head of a needle" amount of LM

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@andrewaa - So the issue is the amount of TIM then.

Let’s look at the physics of metal… You have a sheer pin which needs to fit into a tight hole. What do you do to get it to just slide in? Heat the pin or chill the pin?

This is the logic you need to consider with Liquid Metal TIM as the exact amount at room temp is too much! As you know the metal expands as it’s heated. So don’t be so quick here, besides that little bit of surface not making a perfect contact doesn’t mean it’s not effective in the heat transfer.

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ill probably place some on the "q-tips" that conductonat comes with, at a distance above the laptop (probably above the kitchen counter) and then place it on the CPU itself, also the conductonat does come with a tip that lets you absorb any extra LM you placed

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I have not done this, but I have repasted multiple devices around the house, I could not find a teardown guide for your laptop but here or some good noted for Liquid Metal repastes that I have found on the internet:

  1. You need a few tools and supplies, including liquid metal thermal compound, isopropyl alcohol, thermal pads, thermal paste removal tool
  2. Clean, and empty your workspace to avoid debris and dust getting in your system
  3. Remove the old thermal paste
  4. I saw something about applying thermal pads but I have no clue why you need to do that
  5. To apply, squeeze a small amount of liquid metal onto the center of the CPU. Use a toothpick or a clean and lint-free cloth to spread the liquid metal in a thin and even layer and check that the liquid metal covers the entire surface of the CPU
  6. I would give the inside of your device a dusting with canned air
  7. Close the laptops case together, do what you want but I would test if it turned on and then screw it all together
  8. Test the thermal output

If your still getting the same heat output, you heatsink, or fans might be bad. Hope this helps also sorry if I made any grammatical mistakes, and good luck with your repair!

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Stick to thermal paste, guaranteed liquid metal will kill your laptop.

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@strongbow thanks for the answer, liquid metal comes standard from the factory, applying anything else won't be as good from my research

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