Power Button Remaining Unlit, what are my options

Hey all! Just picked up a Wii U console on the cheap from a local shop, system works fine (turns on and ejects discs at least lol) and the gamepad is my issue. It seems to be in perfectly fine cosmetic shape, and the battery appears fine. However no matter what I do the charging Light never comes on. I have tried re-seating the battery, doing what nintendo recommneds, which is to unplug the AC adapter from the system over 10 times to see if it turns on, and have tried "resetting" the ac adapted by removing it from power for 90 seconds as nintendo recommends.

What are my options from here? Should I go with a new battery and new charger? The charger does appear to be a bit ratty, and is for sure 2nd party. The battery is OG and the same one that is supposed to come in the US model.

If none of the above work, is replacing the mobo the option? Or would that not fix the potential issue?


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Have you applied power to the led to confirm it does light up? Also check the board for cracked or dry solder joints.

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