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Información de reparación para refrigeradores fabricados por Whirlpool.

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Why is my whirlpool gold series refrigerator and freezer not cooling?

We had a power outage and our refrigerator and freezer never came back on. I've replaced the inverter board and checked the fans. The condenser is running, but neither the freezer nor refrigerator will cool. It is super clean, inside and out with no obstructions on the coils. I've reset it, turned the cooling off and then back on, but nothing. Any suggestions? Model no. WRS973CIDM00

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Hi @jfrank51,

Please clarify if it is the condenser fan that is running or the compressor motor?

If the compressor motor is not running that is why it's not cooling.

If you have a DMM (digital multimeter) and know how to use it, here's the tech sheet for the refrigerator.

There is a voltage chart on the lower right side of the sheet which shows the voltages for various functions. Perhaps first check the voltages as shown for Power supply P1 and P2 to make sure that they're OK.

Be safety aware when testing as there is lethal AC voltage on the board

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Hi @jayeff,

Both the condenser fan is running, and the fan inside the freezer above the cooling coils (sorry, I'm not an expert on this stuff) runs as well. The condenser does come on, and runs the entire time quietly. It is warm to the touch, but runs when the refrigerator is plugged in. The coils inside the freezer get cool, but not very cool at all. I will get a digital multimeter and read the tech sheet, but if the condenser is running, I guess it could be bad. As I mentioned, the entire system is super clean (looks brand new), but it's a 2015 model. There's no oil, fluids, etc that would indicate a refrigerant leak. Thanks for the guidance and the safety caution.

- de


Before you do that run the diagnostic tests as described in the tech sheet to see if there are any errors

FYI the "condenser" that you say runs all the time quietly (not the fan) is known as the compressor.

The condenser is the coils under the refrigerator near the compressor motor where the refrigerant gas condenses back to a liquid and is cooled by the fan.

To know if there has been a refrigerant leak (seems odd just because of an outage) the sealed system low and high pressure would need to be measured.

Depending on your location you would need to get a licensed repairer to do this due to the environmental regulations regarding the handling of refrigerant gases. Also they have the proper equipment as the sealed system would need to be tapped into to measure the pressures.

If there is a problem in the sealed system then unfortunately as there is only a 5 year warranty on the sealed system in your model - see p.26 in owner manual you're out of luck getting it fixed under warranty. The sealed system comprises the compressor, the evaporator, the condenser, the filter dryer and all the associated piping

- de

@jayeff - Excellent guidance, and thanks for the correction on the condenser -- I actually meant to say compressor. I'll follow this recommendation and work through the diagnostic tests before I take any additional steps. I'm no expert, but I've worked on it long enough that I really want to see if I can fix it. I've probably spent too much time on it already, but I'm learning a lot. Thanks again for your guidance on this!

- de

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