Sometimes both, sometimes one of the fans start and then stop spinning


I have MSI GP76 10UE laptop, that's soon reaching 2 years of constant use.

I have run in a very weird issue, that i haven't seen elsewhere. So, laptop fans sometimes work normally, sometimes one of them doesn't work, sometimes the other one, and sometimes both of them don't work.

I am attaching a video example of opened laptop, while fans are set to 100% speed with "Turbo boost"As you can see, the fans spin for a second, then stop. In "turbo boost" mode in Dragon center (I know, i just use it for monitoring and quick jumping between silent and workload modes), we can observe all of the examples, but here are 3 of them - CPU fan 0 RPM, GPU fan 0 RPM and Both fans working. I have also rolled back windows update, and also updated BIOS. None of these solved the issue

Could someone be able to diagonse the issue?

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