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Guías de reparación y soporte para lavadoras de la marca Whirlpool de carga frontal y superior.

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Latest findings in Whirlpool WTW4816FW2 washer-- Torn up towels


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Continued from my last post (Space between inner tub and outer tub), now I have heavily damaged towels, shredded and holed. The towels were probably worn and thin, but still..... what gives? Is this something entirely different? Please share your experience!

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Yes I am having this issue too. Same washer and whirlpool won’t help me out. I tried it on multiple settings and still same issue. It’s horrible because I just invested so much money is this horrible washer and now I have to spend even more to replace it. It’s devastating.

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You might be running the washer on too high of a spin cycle relative to the durability of the material in the towel. Cotton clothes should not be spun higher than 600 revolutions per minute (sheets and towels can use a higher spin at 1400 revolutions per minute). Jeans should spin no higher than 900 revolutions per minute and delicates and silks should use 400 revolutions per-minute spin cycle.

Less likely is that you're overloading the unit and the towels are getting snagged on other clothing. Another possibility is that the tub is not aligned and balanced, which is causing the towels to slip between the tub and the housing leading to the damage.

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