I've changed my Vita screens with a new one, won't turn on

So a few years ago, my vita was smashed on the floor, it didn't turn back on and the lcd was broken. I was sad and young, and didn't try to repare it.

This year, i decided that i wanted to try to repare it (it's my first repare and first time opening a console). So i order a new screen, and started changing the piece. Swaping all the vita interior to the new screen, went prety smoth, and then i remouth it, and it doens't work. I charge it a bit and the light is solid blue, but the screen wont start and i don't ear any sound coming from the console.

I tried to dissable the console, clean a few connector, and then reassemble it, still nothing. Do you guys have any idea of what could be the problem. I think it's either the cable or the motherboard that is broken, what do you think ?

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The model of the vita is a 1004, so i dont know if i can found a replacement motherboard.

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