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Lanzado el 24 de septiembre de 2021, el iPhone 13 mini es una versión más pequeña del iPhone 13 de Apple y es el segundo mini iPhone. Cuenta con un OLED de 5,4 pulgadas, un procesador A15 Bionic y dos cámaras traseras.

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After Housing Swap Apple Pay Not Working


I did a Housing swap with a wireless charging pad installed and other small parts preinstalled. Now the customer's Apple pay is not working I think it might have to do with the wireless charging pad possibly part is serialized. Has anyone else come across this issue yet? Do you know what part is connected to apple pay?

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Define “not working”.

Is it just not sensing NFC, or there is an error when trying to activate a new card or paying with an existing card? Does Apple Pay in app or webpage work?

NFC is at the top end of the phone, check if you have messed up any of the top antennas and screw posts.

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I don't have the phone but those top antennas were replaced because small parts were pre-installed.

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@consistent Probably installed wrong.

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The nfc sensor is in the charging coil so you might have to swap that over for it to work again. When you say ‘small parts’ what was included?

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NFC is NOT in the charging coil.

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NFC antenna is on the top by rear camera.

When you say ApplePay doesn't work, it doesn't work at all or does Wallet show up when your double click side button? If it shows up, then it's antenna issue. make sure it's connected properly and replaced NFC antenna from original housing.

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If, by "not working" you mean that the customer gets the message "Unable to activate Face ID/Touch ID on this iPhone," then it is because the Face ID and Touch ID components are serialized to the logic board. They cannot be replaced. Apple cites security concerns for this, but I think it is just that Apple wants you to have one more reason to buy the latest iPhone instead of repairing your old one. #rightrorepair

Hope this helps!

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