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Información y guías de reparación del iPhone 8 que salió a la venta el 22 de septiembre de 2017. Modelo: A1863, A1905

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Completely Dead iPhone 8 (No life signs)

Hi. I was charging my iPhone and when I picked it up 5 mins later, it was completely dead. It didn't turn on, it didn't sync with anything or even be recognized by any other devices I have, I've tried all of the solutions online, (disconnecting the earpiece speaker and battery, using wireless charging, holding down buttons, trying fast chargers) everything and nothing helped, theres not any data I need off of it but I do want to sell it. Can anyone help?

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It sounds like you may have a hardware issue with your iPhone. If you still want to use it, you can take it to the nearest phone repair shop to have it checked out. However, if you want to sell it, you should make sure to disconnect your accounts connected to the device first to ensure your accounts remain secure.

I hope that helps!

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