iPhone 4 Battery not charging after screen repair


I recently replaced my front screen and back cover. All went well except that after completing this (slowly and carefully), the phone would no longer charge. I could plug it into the mains charger and it would start up and get to the grey screen with iPhone written on it.

When I opened the slider, it would show me the iTunes screen.

The issue is that there's no way to connect it to the Mac, because as soon as I unplug it, the phone goes dead.

If I keep it plugged to the mains, it just loops and restarts after a while.

The screen stays on the apple logo for quite a while, then I get the "new phone" screen.

I thought that maybe my battery was also dead, so I ordered a new one. The same happens except that I can actually connect it to the mac and the apple logo shows up (with the old battery it wouldn't).

With this new possibility, I tried to restore it. I can get it to recovery mode and I get as far as iTunes extracting software, verifying the phone with Apple, preparing the phone(dim screen light comes on) and it seems as if it is then restoring the phone but then iTunes gives and error message (2001) and quits the restore and the screen goes back to the apple logo.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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The same exact thing happened to me! I had someone repair my screen and after that, my phone would no longer stay on unless plugged in. It has since gotten worse and now will only occasionally power on while plugged in and then if and when it does, it claims that the phone needs to be restored.

It's an iPhone 4 and was new in Nov. 2011- so so frusterating! I'm desperate for a fix!


I has someone fix the broken screen of my iPhone 4, after that my phone does not charge.


i have the same exact problem, how do you manage to solve it?


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I'd recheck all the connections and groundings for dock connector and battery. The most likely culprit is that the battery connection has been loosened when the battery was removed (it's easy to rip this connector off the motherboard by pulling on the wrong part). Either take it back to the repair man or take a good look with a magnifying glass at the battery connections (4 pads on motherboard) You may also like to take a look at the charge on the battery with a multimeter-when they are low on charge they will not allow themselves to be charged...I use a 9v battery and give the old battery a jump start charge (when it isn't connected) and usually the battery will then charge. It is possible to have received a battery that's faulty too so check before installing .

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