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Announced March 10, 2021 Released April 26, 2021 Android 11, up-gradable to Android 12, ROG UI

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I have a replacement screen. How do I install it?

Is there a guide to replace this cellphones screen when damaged? I just received a replacement screen for it arrive at my place

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hi @bryceicle1971

Here's a video that may help.

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This is helpful. I actually need to replace the LCD housing an digitizer. The whole front of the cellphone. I'm intimidated by it as these cellphones are extremely complex.

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You can refer to

For complete disassembly. And I have a question whether the whole middle frame came with 2 airtrigger cables? Cause I have a bent middle frame and wanted to replace it but I just don't know whether the airtriggers are detachable so I can replace it to new middle frame.

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