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Información y guías de reparación del iPhone 8 que salió a la venta el 22 de septiembre de 2017. Modelo: A1863, A1905

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cant setup1 becasue of broken home button

so i have an Iphone 8, the home button does not work, normally you can just turn of and on the phone and it will start on language menu if you quick enough, but I tried serval tiles here and i always start at Home

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@natedawg22, The easiest thing is to replace the home button. On an 8, it’s a fairly quick job, and needs doing anyway since the original one is broken.

You’ll lose TouchID functionality, but at least you’ll have a functioning home button.

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download 3utool and flash it, it has the option to skip setup and activation, or you can use it to add assistive touch

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This method would be the best.

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Connect your phone to your computer via USB and open iTunes.

Press the device icon in top left and scroll down. Select configure accessibility.

Enable Voice over and press Ok

Once enabled, go back to the iPhone and press the text ‘press home to activate’ 2/3 times.

This will bring you to the select language screen. You can now do the same steps in reverse to disable voice over and continue with setup.

Once setup - go to settings, accessibility, touch.

Now enable assistive touch

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so "press home" will apear after i enable voice over in tunes? then i just press it select language and setup with asstive touch?

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also is there a way i can withput using computer

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can i plis it into asamsung using samsungs usb to usbc like what you use to tranfer data from iphone to galaxy?

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Yes that’s correct

You could maybe try to turn the phone off. Then when it boots up it should launch on the language screen allowing you to setup.

I’m not 100% sure but I believe there is an option to do so on Samsung, I majority work on iPhone.

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doesnt work obviosly

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