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Ideas to fix stripped joy-con screw?

I'm trying to replace my joy-con joysticks but this one screw is being an issue. It started a little stripped and I used the right screwdriver, but now it's just stripped beyond saving and nothing I've tried can get it out. I've tried the rubber band and several other things, but there's just no grip left.
I need it open because it drifts so bad, and at this point I'm considering just cutting the shells apart and replacing them so I can get it fixed. But I would also like to not do that if possible. Is there anything to do or should I just cut them open?

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@hopefulbastard use a Dremel like tool or a small drill with a bit just as large as the screw. Check that size on a screw that you could remove. Then try to drill through the screwhead. This should remove the screwhead and thus allow you to open the shell. Then take a pair of pliers and remove the rest of the screw.

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