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Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA is a small-budget laptop Chromebook. This Chromebook can be a tablet or a normal laptop computer

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Why my device cannot be charge

My chromebook not able charge using power charger 45W type C charger.

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Have you tried using a different compatible charger to see if that worked OK?

If so, it may be a faulty or loose USB-C charge port connector (supplier example only) or a faulty IO board (supplier example only) or loose cable connection to the IO board or worst case a fault on the motherboard somewhere.

Here's a teardown video that shows how to open the laptop so that the connector can be checked if it is loose from the board and only needs to be soldered back on again or if the cable to the IO board has come loose for some reason (check both ends)

Note: Be sure to disconnect the battery from the motherboard as soon as possible after the cover has been removed to prevent any possible electrical problems from occurring when checking the internal components in the laptop. The power button is not a power isolating switch. There's always some power somewhere on the motherboard even when the laptop is turned off. Think of it being in an extremely low power state when it is off and not that it is totally disconnected from any power at all. Also wear a wrist strap tied to an earth connection and try not to touch anything that you don't have to so as to prevent any ESD damage to the components.

If the USB-C port is loose and you decide that replacing the board is easier than resoldering the connector back onto the board search online for 90NB0DF0-R10020 to find suppliers that suit you best.

If the connector is OK and there are no loose connections then the schematics for the motherboard would need to be found and further testing required as to what the problem is.

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