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Msi z370m gaming pro ac cpu fail after bios update


So my friend was updating bios when he got some problem(i don't know what happend, some type of error he can't remember).

When I'm trying to turn it on, fans are working but CPU EZ DEBUG LED is ON and screen is black. Zero reaction.

Pins are ok, I tried to reset bios by pins and by replacing battery. Mobo doesn't have bios flashback so i can't flash it without interface and there's no second bios. I tested few RAM sticks and no changes. PSU give proper voltage. Help pls

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Needless to say if friend can't remember error messages he probably shouldn't have attempted BIOS upgrade. Live and learn.

Which EZ Debug LED(s) is on? There should be four.

These LEDs indicate the status of the motherboard.

CPU - indicates CPU is not detected or fail.

DRAM - indicates DRAM is not detected or fail.

VGA - indicates GPU is not detected or fail.

BOOT - indicates booting device is not detected or fail.

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@aactech Sometimes I think he shouldn't use PC but it is what it is.

Only CPU led shines red.

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IMO... if still under warranty, send in for service, else prob need spi flasher for corrupted bios update

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It sounds like you’ve tried the vast majority of things I would suggest. Without BIOS flashback or some sort of built in mechanism for recovery in the case of a failed update there isn’t a whole lot you can do.

BIOS contains the instructions needed for the machine to power up and boot properly and it’s possible that the instructions are now damaged. I would try booting on a minimum configuration and see if it resolves the error, just in the case that the update resulted in instability or incompatibility with the currently installed parts. Try powering on with just 1 stick of RAM, and the CPU. Unplug literally everything else including any hard drives or storage drives.. I would even remove the graphics card if there’s one installed. You should be able to get video out from the integrated graphics on any CPU that would be compatible with this board.

Otherwise, this might be something you’ll need to contact that manufacturer about. You might be able to find a way to flash a new BIOS directly onto the chip, but I have very little experience with those sort of tools. I know they exist for GPUs and various laptops, but have never sought them out for desktop motherboards.

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Hello, so first of all, thank you for interest in the topic, I appreciate that.

I was thinkin about disoldering BIOS chip from motherboard , program new one on programmer and solder it to mobo. But I'm not pretty sure which part is bios, I mean there is WINBOND chip and I think it's it.

In my opinion it is only option now.

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@werfex Agreed. I will have to see if I can find some extra data on this board to know that for sure. I'll have a look when it's not 4:00 in the morning. Just happened to see the notification when I checked my phone :D

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