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home button not working but touch id is

here's an odd one. for all the home button issues i've faced (6, 6s, 7 & 8) this is a first.

i have an iphone 8 with a home button that doesn't want to work - it was a real PITA getting from the hello screen to setup and activation without it - but i managed to get to the home apps page. first thing i did was try and set a finger print, which worked fine. just the home button would not respond. i tried the Home Button settings to choose the taptic response level - nothing.

so i turned on assistive touch and that worked as expected.

all of the (OEM) home button issues i've seen have been that the Touch ID stops working, but the home button function is fine (not unlike replacing an OEM button with a JC or YF button).

so this is a first - Touch ID works, home button functionality does not.

any thoughts on how to troubleshoot and hopefully fix it without having to put in a 3rd party button? the IOS is 16.1.1 and i'm afraid that when it sees the non EOM button it's going to do that trick where it turns on assistive touch whether you want it or not (and turns on again after you've turned it off).


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Yikes. I had a similar issue on one of my own buttons and I ended up getting hyper determined to fix it. It's still on my bench, it was a just to figure it out project that I will pick up again at some point. It I learned a whole lot in the process.

A couple places to start.

Make sure all the pins in the home button connector look to be undamaged and unobstructed. It's possible this is a board issue (although it's definitely not my first thought)

Inspect the button itself. And the cable. Any signs of liquid damage? Or tears to the cable could cause this issue.

Some history of the phone might be helpful for us. Was this the initial problem? How did you come to be repairing the device?

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this was actually a phone i picked up as a "maybe i can rehab it, but if not, it's not a bad price for parts" deal. I asked if the phone had been subjected to impact damage, water damage or had been opened, and the owner had indicated it had not been. i received it with the original box and accessories and the phone is in pristine physical condition.

the only things i've seen on the web related to this is the Turtle IC is bad (microsolder repair or replace the HB) or try using the Settings/General/Shutdown to power cycle the phone (i'm pretty sure that only works for older IOS, but it still didn't do the trick).

i'm just looking for options before i crack it open, but it looks like i'm headed there anyway.

- de

@beekerc Yes. And also can corroborate on turtle IC. But it’s a bit of a pain to replace, even if you’ve got microsoldering experience. Didn’t fix it for me. And in my experience, if it’s not been opened before and the home button isn’t working it’s likely it’s a liquid damage deal or board related issue.

Otherwise the seller was misinformed. Or gave you bunk info.

- de

@flannelist Thanks Alicia.

whenever i get used/salvage or repair jobs, i always take the "user reports" with a grain of salt. looks like it's in my stars to pop this one open.

- de

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