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The Vizio e480i television is a 48-inch television produced by Vizio, Inc., which was founded in 2002 in California. The Vizio e480i is classified as a smart TV and can be identified by model number E480i-B2.

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E480-B2, I was watching TV and heard a popping tv went off.

It has no power so is it the power board

=== Update (12/03/2022)

Block Image

Block Image


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@jjvl Could be. The image is not zoomed in and is not clear enough to evaluate the components. Also, there should be some on the bottom side. So you could try to repost a clearer image of both sides of the board/. Since you have it apart already might as well post images of the other boards as well. When you say it has not power, you want to go ahead and measure the AC power going into your board, check your fuses, and measure the output of the power board to the main board on that connector.

Block Image

Blue=Power in 110v AC so be careful it's HOT CIRCUIT

Red=Fuse check for continuity and check for power on right sided end HOT CIRCUIT

Purple+ Connector to Main board check for stby voltages should be listed on the board but could be anywhere up to 12V DC

Green Circle. Those look like HV caps and love to pop. Visuall check those for damage.

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