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Updating to iOS 1.16.1, progress bar stuck at end

This morning I decided to try and solve some of the existing problems with my phone (can't use App Store, slow performance, etc.) by updating my phone to iOS 1.16.1. After waiting a couple hours, I realized it was stuck at the very end of the progress bar, with only a couple pixels to go. So I force restarted it (volume up, volume down, then power button). This time the color scheme changed from black background with white progress bar to white background with black progress bar, but it still got stuck at the end. I then waited a few hours, and decided to try again, and now, five hours later, I am here with the progress bar stuck in the SAME spot posting this question. I can not connect my phone to my computer, because my computer doesn't recognize the phone is connected. I can not do any of my school work (I am in college) because accessing our schools' assignment system requires 2FA (&&^& duo mobile), and I can not chat with apple support because I have to log in to my Apple ID (which also uses 2FA). I literally do not have enough in my bank account to buy a new phone so I need a solution please

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Lucky for you, there's a page for this with a bevy of causes and some potential fixes.

That being said, the first thing I would try based on your description is to connect it to a computer and try to update that way. You will likely need to get it into recovery mode to accomplish this. Not only could this give you a better chance at the update, but if it exhibits the same behavior, we can have a look at the logs to see if we can figure out where or why it might be getting stuck. If the update fails, that could give us more information as well based on the error code.

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Ok, I got my phone into recovery mode and my computer recognized it. However, when I tried to update through iTunes and recovery mode, it said my phone was unable to be updated and needed to be restored. So, I did that and I got error code 4010, and after attempting to restore two more times I got error code 4010 every time.

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@gingersplash The general consensus seems to be that error 4010 means:

Error 4010 is usually an interference via your firewall or Antivirus.

The various cures seem to be to turn off your windows firewall and antivirus, use a genuine Apple cable, log out of your iTunes account before attempting the update/restore, uninstall and reinstall iTunes, and try another computer; if you're using an Apple computer, try Windows or vice versa.

Hopefully one of those suggestions will get you through the bloody update.

Good luck; let us know how it goes.

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Ok, after that I went to bed, this morning though my phone was restored to factory settings, so even though I got the error code it still worked. I set my phone up like it was brand new, signed in, and it was working perfectly fine and had 1.16.2 installed, thank you so much for the help bro

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@gingersplash Awesome! Glad it worked.

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