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New battery on a MacBook Air 6,1 A1495 raises the trackpad

I got a new battery (brand: Cameron Sino, a fairly reputable brand (I think) for my MBA A1495, but it appears to not actually fit inside the laptop properly

- The battery is intended for this model and works fine otherwise.

- The trackpad is now just slightly raised, but it goes above the palmrest area.

- The battery itself is not swollen, checked this twice.

- First time I installed the battery, it only raised the trackpad from the left side, but after a reinstall it’t now raised on both sides.

- The backcover is fairly hard to put on as well.

- If I try to get the trackpad to a ”normal” level with the adjustment screw, it stops clicking completely.

Could it be just a skill issue on my end not knowing how to install a battery, or maybe the battery’s plastic frame has had a bad mold used for it?

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Sadly this is a bad battery! You’ll need to return it and I would get my money back as you need a better battery.

The issue is the thickness of the battery can’t exceed the allocated space, so the battery was incorrectly designed or has swollen up for some reason (product defect)

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Yeah I'm in contact with the seller, they've been fairly puzzled by this as well as Cameron Sino is supposed to be fairly reputable brand. Would be pretty strange for them to use just bad molds that would not even fit the MacBook properly

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