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Modelo A1989, EMC 3358. Una actualización del diseño existente, con opciones de procesador actualizadas y un cambio en los materiales del teclado. Disponible en plata y gris espacial. Lanzado en mayo de 2019.

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Won’t charge or turn on anymore

It won’t charge or turn on. I’ve had this issue looked at before but now again it won’t charge up nor turn on. I’ve changed out the USB-C power adapter to an 87 watt as was suggested by the last repair yet again it’s not charging in either charge port I plug it into. Thoughts ? Thanks so much.

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If your Mac laptop with USB-C can't charge

If your USB-C power adapter cannot charge your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro, try first unplugging the power adapter from the power port, wait a few seconds, and then

Then connect it again. If this does not solve the problem, check the following things

  • Check the power source
  • Check cables
  • Check for updates

In some cases, software or firmware updates may be available for your computer that improve connectivity to your power adapter

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If either of the ports don't work. It must be the battery, iFixit probably has a guide and kit to fix it, hope this helps!

Or, try booting your mac into recovery mode, and reset or something?

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This may need the logic board repaired which is quite advanced for many.

If both ports on each side don’t charge your battery I would connect a USB-C power meter inline with the charger so you can monitor the charger and how the handshake between responds. While it’s possible your battery needs replacing unless you are a serious road warrior yours should still be good.

Here’s one example: Power Meter

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