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El Acer Nitro 5 AN515-53-55G9 es un portátil dirigido a jugadores de bajo presupuesto. Cuenta con 256 GB de almacenamiento, Nvidia GeForce Graphics y un procesador Intel i5 de cuatro núcleos a un precio más asequible que la mayoría de las laptops para juegos.

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Laptop won't turn on.

So, after having a gaming session with friends, i powered down the laptop for the night and went to sleep. I went to class the next morning and i sat down and opened it up.

I pressed power and the keyboard and fans go on, but nothing pops up on screen. My external keyboard lights up but not my external mouse which was weird. I plugged in an hdmi cord to check if it was just the screen but nothing pops up.

I searched the internet with these symptoms and the one that fit the most was cpu was fried.

I wanted to ask you all for your opinion.

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Have you tried this:

1. Turn OFF.

​2. Press and hold the F2 key while turning. 

3.If the BIOS/Settings screen appears release the F2 key.

4. Tap on F9 key and hit enter key without changing the option.

5. Tap on F10 key and hit enter key without changing the option.

6. It should restart by itself. 

Some have found this helps with some models of the Nitro 5:

". . .there is a pressurized micro-switch somewhere in the middle of the keyboard, near the letters X C V D F. I pressed down near that spot and push the power button at the same time, and finally the laptop turned on. For safe measure, I put pressure on the spot below the letters of the keyboard. This also works the same way when typing with other keys on the keyboard. Don't press down too hard, otherwise you may damage the internal hardware." Proceed with caution.

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