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gizmo watch 2 keeps over heating every 30 minutes

i have had the watch for around 2 years and on Monday it started to get hot and said "im hot!" and it went from a normal temp to extremely hot temp in seconds and i could not get the watch off in time and burned me .-.

(well now me and the watch have matching charging ports lol)

it swelled a little the first time and now has a small crack in the corner.

doe someone know/have experience with this watch overheating?

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this makes me mad Verizon and LG is doing nothing about it over heating

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Virtually every rechargeable lithium battery suffering internal damage simply begins a runaway short circuit that doesn't stop as it generates its own oxygen to create its own fire as it consumes itself. Do not reuse or recharge this watch if you value your life. Early Tesla electric cars, using the same lithium battery technology caught fire in accidents when the battery under the car was compromised. Samsung went thru an embarrassing period with cellphones randomly setting itself on fire. Laptops on fire. All using lithium rechargeable batteries. Precision manufacturing with quality control prevents these events from repeating

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Ive had my 2 gabb watches for only a month and both of them overheat.

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It's the battery, it's swollen as it's exhausted after 2 years of charging and discharging.

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