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Televisions made by the Chinese multinational electronics company, TCL.

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My TV Power board also blew up. Model no TCL 55P6US

Hi there,

My TV Power board also blew up. Model no TCL 55P6US , I see the part no is 08-L141W44-PW200AG . But I can't find anything available.

Do you know where I can get it?

Update (10/30/2022)

See the serial number attached, there is a burned mark on the capacitor, I have swap it with new capacitor, but still unable to fix it :)

Any help will be appreciated.

Update (10/30/2022)

Block Image

Block Image

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I am trolling ali express and a seller said they have it. I have now bought it and will replace it once arrived.

Here is the link:

Original for Toshiba L65P5 65F6 65A730U Power Panel 08 L141W44 PW200AG 40 L141W4 PWC1CG PWF1CG PWG1CG 65U6880C 65U5800C 65U3800C

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Hi All,

I received the board from AliExpress last Friday, I changeD it on the weekend and the TV came back online.

The board that came has different part number, but it works.

The part no written is : 08-S141H44-PW210AA

- de

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@Shopping 2hand

Found this one by searching for the part number you listed, but it may depend on your location and shipping costs

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Thanks Jayeff, I am located in Sydney Australia, any of local one?

- de

@Shopping 2hand


It seems that all AU suppliers are "no stock".

Wonder if it is a problem with the board as none are available - everyone wants one

- de

Yeah, TV just 3 years 9 months and TCL not longer covering it out of warranty.

Note: they cover for only 3 years.

Do you think these board will suits?

I can't find anywhere that has the same serial number with reasonable price

- de

@Shopping 2hand

Personally I wouldn't try it as it has a different board number.

You could end up doing more damage than what you already have.

Maybe try contacting TCL and ask them if they have one or can get one. It never hurts to ask ;-)

- de

Thanks Jayeff,

I have contacted TCL, they ask me to call the tech. I contact the Tech, the tech they have no parts. and its all coming from TCL.

It is really frustrating to deal with TCL. They only selling stand and remote control.

- de

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