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Does anyone have advice or a guide for replacing the Lightning Assy?

iPhone 12 Mini with defective Lightning Connector. Looking for any guidance on getting the replacement in, particular questions about the bottom left microphone assy (black cylindrical), the original had an O'ring, but the repair part doesn't. The other Mic. (encased in a metal can, similar to the Mic next to the speaker port) and the (black cylindrical mic) are mounted on a piece that was sealed to the bottom left sound port, any idea for a replacement seal? (Not to be confused with the seal for the Speaker assy).

I wish I had videoed the disassembly so that I could try and make a guide...this is a bear...

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Thanks so much, that makes it look so much easier than it is...I wish I'd found this before I disassembled everything. I'm hoping that the Bottom Left Mic group will be OK just putting it back in place, there seems to be enough of the foam gasket to be functional. I am a bit concerned about the missing O'Ring on the Bottom Left Cylindrical Mic, I cannot find a tool small enough to remove the old O'Ring and transfer it, I'm guessing it's the Mic for noise cancellation, but not sure. And that bottom left corner of the case with its 'fold and latch, and couple', to the other segment on the side-wall is impressive.

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There's a French site called SOSav that has pretty good guides, and they have a complete step-by-step, iFixit-style guide for replacing the lighting port assembly on your phone. I don't know if it has the specific information you're looking for, but in my experience their guides are very well done and complete.

Charging connector iPhone 12 Mini repair - Free guide - SOSav

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