Car won't start


My car won't start, it doesn't make any sound at all, and the central locking doesn't work, when you open the door via the key only the driver side opens.

Nothing else gets any battery to it bar the light up cat which shows when the car door is open.

I've checked the fuses they're all fine.

Bit of info, it has been squeeking a lot, which is due to the timing belt. And sometimes the central locking button on my key fob wouldn't work sometimes.

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Hi Rebeccca,

What year and model do you have? We'll need to know so we can tell what features yours has so we can figure out where to start.

- de

Start with the simplest thing and proceed from there. It's possible you have a bad or weak battery. That can cause all kinds of weird symptoms. Determining whether your battery is completely good can sometimes be tricky.

Do you have access to a known good battery (or can you borrow a jump pack)? Since it's easy, why not use one of those first?

Good luck!

- de

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