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Hasbro released this Furby model in 2012. Furby is intended for young children and up to young adults.

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what's the energy input required to power a furby?

I have a furby boom with a battery compartment that got damaged by battery leakage. I am trying to make him functional with minimum disassembly. My plan was to disconnect the power cables from the battery connectors (the rusted metal will be removed) and use a rechargeable battery instead (lithium?). I was trying to figure out which specs I am looking at in terms of voltage and output amperage? If the batteries are in series I am looking at 6V, but if the 2 pairs of batteries are not in seires then 3V ? then I am not sure if the output on the battery matters (1.2A? 2.4A?) I can figure out how to assemble things but I just need to know I'm not gonna fry the furby haha

Edit : it requires 4AA batteries

Block Image

The battery compartment

Block Image

the red and grey wires on the right are connected to the metal connector in the battery compartment. It's hard to see if there are any more under the plastic shell (which is an absolute pain to disassemble and would love to avoid)

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Hi Sven Heizenberg,

What was the original power source? 1, 2, 3, or more AA or AAA batteries?

If we can have what it came with originally, it's easier to figure out what you'll need :)

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It requires 4 AA batteries, but they are placed in a cross pattern in the battery compartment so I don't know if they are all 4 is series or not

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@geirandersen oops the tag didnt work. ^ I answered above :)

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@Sven Heizenberg,

Could you take a couple of detailed pictures and update the question with those? See this Guide by @oldturkey03 on How to add images to existing questions

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@geirandersen would that be enough ?

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@Sven Heizenberg just checked on mine and it states it is a 6V 3W power supply.

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That would make it 0.5A (500mA) for the power source, as a max, which sounds bang on expected.

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I also just checked some older guides and the motor is a 6V motor. 6V 500mA battery should do the trick ! ;-)

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thanks so much I will have a look around !

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