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What's included in the Box HDTV Power Cord Quick Start Guide XRT122 Remote Getting Started E40-C2 Tech specs Physical Properties Model Information Dimensions w/ Stand: 35.71"x 22.73" x 8.27" Dimensions w/o Stand: 35.71" x 20.57" x 2.60" Remote Model: XRT122 Packaging Dimensions: 38.82" x 24.33" x 5.12" Remote Connectivity: IR Weight w/ Stand: 16.09 Lbs. Weight w/o Stand: 15.43 Lbs. Weight w/ Box: 22.05 Lbs.

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What is this lighter area in the corner?

This question is actually for a E70-E3. Why does my screen now look lighter in the bottom right corner?

Block Image

Block Image

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@travelingg your TV is having issues with the backlight array. Looks like the backlight is dim on the other end. You could measure the voltages from your power board to the backlight LED's and see if there is a large variances but from what it looks like thee issue will most likely be some bad strips. Those can be replaced but a big panel like this one needs two people to manipulate since you will have to disassemble it. This video should be pretty close to your TV.

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